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Organic Japanese Puerh
Looking for something completely different? Then we highly recommend giving this puerh a try. Our Organic Japanese Puerh originates from the Isokawa region of the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. This unique tea was invented fairly recently and is made artificially with an organic malted brown rice culture and a combination of first and second flush harvest tea leaves. The leaves are pan fired and fermented for 3-4 days. After that period, a small amount of fresh leaves are added for 2 days. The aroma of the liquor has roasted chestnut notes with a lingering sweetness. This puerh is a strong smooth tea with a drying sweet after taste and buttery quality. Strong notes of roasted chestnuts can be detected. Cacao, tabaco, and brown rice notes are also present with a hint of fruitiness. This tea is somewhat coffee-like but not nearly as strong. This tea is not eligible as a free sample.

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Puerh Tea

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water (or 2.5 grams of tea)
Recommended Temperature: 212 F (boiling)


Puerh Tuo Cha
This aged tea is pressed into mini nest shaped cakes and originates from China. Puerh has an earthy aroma and flavor. This tea will not become astringent if brewed for an extended time.

Recommended Brew Time: 7 minutes or longer for a darker tea
Recommended Amount: 1 cake for 18oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 210 F


Wild Purple Buds Puerh
Our Wild Purple Buds Puerh originates from Yunnan, China on the border of China and Burma. This tea was harvested from wild ancient trees at an altitude of 6,000 feet by the Wa tribal people. Our puerh falls in the Sheng (raw) category of puerh and is in loose leaf-form. The buds of this tea are purple, green, and yellow. Purple buds indicate a higher level of anthocyanin (a flavoniod). This flavonoid usually causes bitterness but does not in this case as this is a smooth puerh. Our puerh has light smoked oak notes with honey and floral notes and has a juicy mouthfeel.

Recommended Brew Time: 3 seconds. Start with 3 seconds per infusion then adjust time for additional infusions by color of the infusion.
Recommended Amount: 4 grams of puerh or 1 level tablespoon of tea for 4oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 195-212F
Number of Infusions Per Serving: 20+